Bauer Custom Sticks

R & M Hockey Supply is an Official Elite Stick Retailer of Bauer. 

All of our locations have hundreds of stick's on display to choose from. If we don't have that current make model, we can be sure to have it for you by the next week. If a stock stick doesn't suit you we have Bauer Fit Experts in the store to help guide you into the perfect stick for you - even if that means going custom. 

Custom sticks allow you to build the perfect stick for you to help make your shot harder without sacrificing precision. Some cool things you can change with a custom stick:

  • Hand (Left/Right)
  • Flex (50, 55, 65, 70, 77, 82, 87, 95, 102, 112)
  • Custom Length (Add 4" extensions, length's vary for flex)
  • Kick Point ( Low, Med, High)
  • Shaft (Round, Hybrid, Square)
  • Grip ( Customize Finish and Texture)
  • Blade Core (Stiff, Medium, Soft)
  • Blade Pattern ( P92, P88, Kucherov, Laine, Kane, and more!)
  • Color (Different variations and patterns like the American Flag)
  • Personalization (Adding your name and number like a pro)

All of this can be customized in-store with the help of one of our Bauer Fit Experts! We have all of the different options available to see and feel. 

Stop in today to order your custom stick!